Times flies…

Inspiring place

Meanwhile, I have been working in Oxford for the past nine weeks: time flies!
Between the official eight-week terms, in which many interesting seminars and debates take place at the various colleges and schools, I’m enjoying the luxury of having extra time to concentrate fully on my research into evidence & bias. So far, I’ve found a great deal of interest by scientists in various Oxford colleges, schools and department, and I am pleasantly surprised by how accomodating Oxford Academics are in offering their time for inspiring discussions and exchanging views. My research work is getting at cruising speed and I am surrounded by piles of books suggested by academics from many disciplines.

Walking or biking?

For walking between the different colleges and libraries, I have the choice of crossing the city or the park.  So far, I didn’t dare to bike here.  First of all, I feel safer on the footpath, for a simple reason: why do the British drive on the left? In addition, cycle theft is the most prevalent crime across the University. The City Council strongly advises locking your bike with a D-Lock to ‘something strong and securely anchored’.  However, the biggest challenge is finding something strong and well anchored to which you are allowed doing so…


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EU visiting fellow at the European Studies Centre, St Antony's College, University of Oxford

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