Exploring Oxford and the surroundings…

Oxford on University ‘Matriculation day’

On Saturday at the end of the first week of term, Oxford really looked like a university city. Reason: Matriculation day (a tradition unknown in Belgian universities).

Oxford Canal

During a sunny summer-like weekend (yes, this happens!), I found time for a nice walk along the Oxford Canal.

I even enjoyed a lovely lunch outside with a delicious spinach-avocado salad: some British cooks are superb! For someone born in the capital of beer (Inbev still has its Headquarters in Leuven), the local brewed beer was excellent, and I was surprised to get my dish accompanied by Belgian-looking chips (even if served without mayonnaise).


From my room, I regularly see squirrels: grey ones (American import…, seen by locals as a ‘pest’), and the nice cute dark brown ones.  The easy way to spot them is by seeing branches moving. Also in the University Parks, they are quite ubiquitous!


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EU visiting fellow at the European Studies Centre, St Antony's College, University of Oxford

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